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Solar Power Packs

Power Pack board

The LiberHouse Solar Power Packs for Workshops consist of an array of photovoltaic panels, a battery bank, a battery charge controller, an inverter to change the direct current from the batteries into 240V alternating current, together with a battery charge meter that shows you the state of charge of the batteries. The Power Pack is supplied with one double-switch socket outlet and one light switch, an LED light fitting and fusebox. More power outlets and lights can be added by your electrician.

A generation meter is also supplied that can be used to claim the generation and/or feed-in tariff for each unit (kilowatt hour or kWh) of electricity you generate. All renewable electricity generated by an eligible installation can receive payments under the Feed-in Tariff scheme. See and for further information.

The Power Packs come in 2 sizes. Power Pack One has a maximum of 2000W output and is suitable for small power toolsprovided that at any one time the total power comsumption does not exceed 2000W. Power Pack Two has a maximum of 3000W output and is suitable for larger power power tools such as mowers and chainsaws provided that at any one time the total power comsumption does not exceed 3000W.

We can also provide a bespoke system for your particluar needs. Fill in the details on the Power Pack Design sheet and we'll get back to you with a suitable system.

Power Packs are avialable as Off-Grid or Grid Parallel where excess electricity is sold to the grid once the batteries have been fully charged. A Power Pack provides zero running costs, protection from power outages and future energy price increases whilst producing zero carbon emissions.

A solar photovoltaic, battery-powered electrical system allows gardeners to nurture and care for nature without harming it.

Most gardeners get into gardening because of a love of and a desire to care for nature. However there is a paradox, which is that in tending their gardens and caring for nature, the tools they use such as petrol-powered machines and electric tools actually harm nature because of the carbon dioxide emissions that petrol engines and electricity power stations emit.

The LiberHouse Power Pack system takes energy directly from the sun, stores it in batteries and allows you to use that energy without emitting any carbon dioxide. You can then enjoy, love and nurture your garden
without harming it.

And, all the electricity you use is free.



PV Array Size

Battery Capacity

DC Voltage

System Power


1 @ 200 Ah

12 V

2.64 kWh

Power Pack 1


PV Array Size

Battery Capacity

DC Voltage

System Power


2 @ 200 Ah

24 V

5.28 kWh

Power Pack 2