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LiberHouse Garden Workshops can provide a very cost effective solution to the problem that many business startups face when it comes to premises. Until you feel confident that your business idea is viable and you have some initial sales to prove it, taking on a lease for premises can be very risky.


If you have a garden or similar free space then a LiberHouse Garden Workshop can provide the accommodation to get you started, and the modular panel system enables you to design a workspace to suit you particular needs. And because it's modular, the workspace can grow as your business grows.


You won't need planning permission if the Workshop is in the back garden and is more than 2 metres from the property boundary. If you want to build up to the boundary, we provide a free planning application service so please get in touch.

LiberHouse Garden Buildings

The Standard Apex Workshop range comes in 3 widths: 2.67m/8'9", 4.02m/13'2" and 5.30m/17'5" and can be a long as you like, and the Standard Lean-to Workshop range comes in 3 widths: 1.35m/4'5", 2.03m/6'8", 2.67m/8'9" and can also be a long as you like.

The LiberHouse Garden Workshop For Startups







You can also add extra internal space and external covered space, or a combination of both to the Apex...




Prices depend on the design you choose. Call us on 01869 349825 to find out more




3 door options are also available - the standard single door opening, a wide door opening and a double door opening

640mm/2'1" clear opening

950mm/3'1" clear opening

1280mm/4'2" clear opening

Click to download the full pricelist




... and to the Lean-to designs

or Lean-to Workshops that can go up against a wall

We can provide standalone Apex workshops...